Welcome to the Palmera Module


The Palmera Module, hierarchical structure on-chain, has been developed as a common good, contributing to the Safe ecosystem. It is crafted to support the evolving needs of asset and organizational management within the space.

The Palmera Module is a tool that was created to allow organizations to scale their on-chain operations, it consists of a group of smart contracts that add additional functionalities to the Safe ecosystem enabling the creation of custom and flexible Safe hierarchical structures. Below is an overview of some features offered with Palmera Module.

It enables the creation of hierarchical structures where a Safe can have powers over other Safes. Onchain hierarchical structures enable new use cases such as advanced on-chain governance structures, smart account delegation structures, and better devops for smart contract deployment.

Hierarchical structures allow for on-chain structures to:

  1. Have better control to encapsulate risk.

  2. Enable structures to better follow a single responsibility concept.

These benefits can be leveraged by developers, individuals and organizations.

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