This is an overview of what you can do with Palmera.

Palmera is a multi-safe and multi-chain treasury management platform.

We help our customers to simplify their financial on-chain management with these main functions:

  • Users can visualize in a single dashboard all their Safes even if they are in different chains.

  • We simplify the visualization of the treasury to have better information for financial management.

  • For DAOs, we increase financial transparency to generate more confidence in their communities.

Key Features of the Palmera Dashboard

Unified Treasury Visualization: Access a complete view of your financial situation with in a single dashboard, even across multiple chains, simplifying your treasury management and decision-making process.

Increased Financial Transparency: For DAOs, we enhance financial clarity, building trust within communities by providing detailed information on transactions, balances and asset allocation.

Customizable Dashboard Experience: Tailor your dashboard to align with your unique organizational objectives and community needs, ensuring a collaborative and adaptable platform.

Role-Based Access Control: Securely manage dashboard access with specific roles and permissions, allowing for flexible governance structures and operational efficiency.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Design: Navigate with ease thanks to our simple and functional user interface, which puts complex treasury operations at everyone's fingertips.

Tools and Plugins Integration: Leverage our integrated tools and plugins to optimize your operations, featuring compatibility with leading Web3 applications and services.

Privacy and Visibility Settings: Control your dashboardโ€™s visibility with customizable privacy settings, balancing transparency with confidentiality according to your preferences.

Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed with immediate updates on crucial activities and transactions via native OS notifications and PUSH protocol integration, ensuring you never miss an important event.

Coming soon:

  • Relayer

  • Palmera Module Integration

  • Base support

  • Snapshot X

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