Creating a New Dashboard with Existing Safes

Step 1: Create a new dashboard

  • Provide a Name: Enter a name for your Dashboard.

  • Choose a Handle: Select a unique handle for your Dashboard. This handle will serve as a direct link to your Dashboard while maintaining your privacy settings.

Privacy Settings: To keep your Dashboard private, tick the corresponding box. You can always adjust the privacy settings later in the settings menu.

Step 2: Load Existing Safes

  • Select Option: Choose the "Load Existing Safes" option to integrate your current Safes into the Dashboard.

Step 3: Select Safes

  • Choose Safes: From the list provided, select the Safes you wish to include in your Dashboard. You can also add Safes manually by entering their Safe addresses.

  • Finalize Setup: Once completed, you can copy the URL of your Dashboard and share it with your team or community.

Important note: Please note that the list of Safes provided is composed exclusively of the Safes you own.

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