Creating a Dashboard with New Safes

Step 1: Create a New Dashboard

  • Provide a Name: Enter a name for your Dashboard.

  • Choose a Handle: Select a unique handle for your Dashboard. This handle will serve as a direct link to your Dashboard while maintaining your privacy settings.

Privacy Settings: To keep your Dashboard private, tick the corresponding box. You can always adjust the privacy settings later in the settings menu.

Step 2: Create a New Safe

  • Select Option: Choose the "Create a New Safe" option to integrate your new Safe into the Dashboard.

Step 3: Set Up the Details of Your New Safe

  • Name Your Safe: Provide a name for your new Safe account and select the network.

  • Add Signers: Enter the wallet addresses of your signers. You can add as many signers as needed by clicking the “Add New Signer” button. You can also assign a name to each signer.

  • Set Up Your Threshold: Specify the number of signers required to approve a transaction.

Step 4: Review Your Safe Details

  • Review: Before creating your new Safe, review all the details including the network, name of the Safe, signers, threshold, and network fee. When you are satisfied with the details, click “Create."

Note: You can change the settings of your new Safe in the Palmera Settings section.

Step 5: Confirm and Sign the Transaction for Your New Safe Account

  • Confirm and Sign: Confirm and sign your transaction and wait for your Safe account to be indexed.

  • Finalize Setup: Once completed, you can copy the URL of your Dashboard and share it with your team or community.

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