๐Ÿ’ปDashboard Insights

Palmera is a complete toolkit that allows organizations, DAOs and individuals to create custom dashboards by adding their Safe addresses. Our dashboard can visualize and track essential information in real timeโ€”such as balances, safes, past and pending transactions, approvals, assets, and more.

This is what you can see on the Palmera Dashboard:


In this section, you can visualize your digital assets balances, all the Safes, and sub-safes, the number of members of each Safe, a general view of your Dashboard and its composition, and a section for external links, fully customizable by the user. All values can be conveniently sorted, and Safe rows can be expanded to access detailed information about each group and subgroup.


Here, users can get a detailed view of the Safe structure and jump between Safes and sub-safes. They can also access individual insights for each specific Safe.


Here, you will see a list of all asset balances belonging to a safe and their value in USD or other preferred FIAT currency.


This section showcases:

Queue: This part offers a concise overview of pending transactions, detailing their status and order. Users can efficiently manage, prioritize, or cancel these transactions to optimize treasury operations, ensuring transparency and compliance with governance within a secure, organized framework.

History: This area displays information for a specific Safe or all Safes, including pending transactions, the number of actions, the status of each transaction, the type of operation executed or asset transferred, its recipient, and you can add context for each transaction. You can also download a report of the transaction history for all Safes or a specific Safe, sorted by date.

Note: You have the option to download a report of your transaction history. For guidance, please refer to our "How to Download a Report" guide.

Message: In this section, users can view the status of a transaction, offering additional insights into the progress and completion of financial activities.

Address book

Here, you can store addresses to access them easily when submitting a new transaction. Also if you are a dashboard admin you can access a shared address book called Insiders book only accessible to the other dashboard admins.


At Palmera, we continuously push the boundaries to enhance our dashboard's functionality and utility for our users. We've integrated a series of native plugins to provide deeper insights and optimize on-chain activities. Furthermore, our dApps section allows users to interact directly within Palmera, using the Safes they have connected, without the need to navigate to external sites.

Superfluid Integration:

  • Streaming Dashboard: Users can set up and monitor real-time streaming of assets within Palmera. The UI showcases both outgoing and incoming streams, making it easy to gauge the health and direction of your financial flows.

  • Instant Setup: Start a new stream or modify an existing one with just a few clicks. Whether youโ€™re sending salaries or receiving subscriptions, Palmera ensures the process is seamless.

  • Dynamic Balances: View the dynamic changes in token balances with every block, ensuring up-to-the-second accuracy without manual refreshing.

DeFi Positions Integration

  • DeFi Position Tracker: Integrated directly within the Palmera dashboard, users can view their DeFi positions across multiple platforms and protocols, giving a complete picture of their investments.

  • Liquidity Overview: Gain insights into liquidity pools you've joined, tracking how they change over time, and ensuring you're optimizing your contributions.

Apps Powered by Safe

In this section, users can utilize their Palmera connected Safes to interact with a number of dApps internally. This feature eliminates the need for external links, providing a more optimized experience for interacting with popular applications such as AAVE, CowSwap, UniSwap, Lido Staking and others, directly within the Palmera platform.

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