Create Your Dashboard

Set up a Dashboard to manage your on-chain treasury assets alongside your team.

After connecting your wallet, click on "Create Dashboard" in Palmera to start managing your on-chain treasury. This Dashboard serves as the all in one for you and your team to oversee your Safes and on-chain treasury assets.

Step 1: Create a New Dashboard

Provide a name for your Dashboard and choose a handle. Your handle will act as a unique identifier within Palmera, offering a direct link to your Dashboard while ensuring your privacy settings are intact.

To keep your dashboard private, simply tick the corresponding box. Remember, you can always adjust the privacy settings later in the settings menu.

Step 2: Select Safes

Choose the Safes you wish to include in your Dashboard from the list provided, or add them manually by entering the Safe address.

Important note: Please note that the list of Safes provided is composed exclusively of the Safes you own.

Step 3: Ready to Start

Upon completion, you can copy the URL of your Dashboard to share with your team or community.

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