Why did we create Palmera?

Palmera addresses the fragmentation in the on-chain ecosystem, where organizations struggle with managing multiple tools and apps without a unified interface, and the need for collaborative, secure asset management as on-chain organizations expand and the imperative of self-custody in a progressively decentralizing Web3 space.

What is Palmera?

Palmera is a platform designed to optimize treasury and Safe management within the Web3 ecosystem. It facilitates multi-signature Safe monitoring, enabling seamless operations across different chains for organizations, DAOs and individuals.

Is Palmera a Custody Solution?

No, Palmera is not a custody solution. Our platform enhances operational efficiency without taking custody of users' Safe multisigs. Palmera ensures users maintain full control and custody of their assets, underscoring our commitment to user autonomy and security.

What are the Key Features of Palmera's Dashboard?

The Palmera panel has several key features:

- Customizable interface for seamless treasury and Safe management.

- Overview of treasury statuses and detailed transaction histories.

- Role-based access control for effective team collaboration.

- Native integrations and a diverse App section for expanded functionality without external tool integration.

How Does Palmera Ensure Security and Trust?

Palmera prioritizes security and trust by leveraging the solid foundation of the Safe ecosystem. We focus on secure and efficient fund management through multi-signature smart contract portfolios, enhancing collaborative treasury management in a trustless environment.

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