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1. What is Palmera?

  • Palmera is an orchestration tool for onchain organizations, enhancing the management of Safe multisigs, plugins, automations, and credentials. It expands the capabilities of Safe through integrations and a specialized onchain module.

2. What are the key features of Palmera’s Dashboard?

  • Palmera's Dashboard offers a customizable interface for onchain organizations, showcasing treasury statuses, transaction histories, key metrics, and essential links. It allows for role-based access and integration with various tools and plugins, ensuring a cohesive management experience.

3. Can you explain the different Dashboard roles in Palmera?

  • Palmera’s Dashboard features three main roles:
    • Admin: Full control over the dashboard, including granting and removing roles, and deleting the organization.
    • FinOps: Access to modify dashboard features but cannot alter organizational settings or member roles.
    • Viewer: Permission to view all information on the dashboard without the ability to make changes.

4. How does Palmera ensure security and trust?

  • Palmera builds on the Safe ecosystem’s robust foundation, prioritizing trustless, efficient, and secure fund management through multi-signature smart contract wallets (Safes), thus enhancing security and collaborative management.

5. What is the Address Book feature in Palmera?

  • The Address Book in Palmera allows users to store and easily access addresses for transaction submissions. For organization admins, there's an exclusive shared address book named 'Insiders book', accessible only to other organization admins.

6. How does Palmera adapt to diverse organizational needs?

  • Palmera’s flexible framework supports integration with a variety of tools and plugins, allowing organizations to tailor the platform to their specific operational requirements and preferences.

7. What is Palmera's onchain module, and what does it offer?

  • The onchain module in Palmera facilitates the creation of custom governance structures within organizations, enabling functionalities like fund clawbacks, transactional restrictions, and the formation of squads with various configurations.

8. What integrations does Palmera support?

  • Palmera integrates with Push Protocol for onchain notifications, Superfluid for managing continuous streams of assets, and Zapper’s API for DeFi position tracking. It is also preparing to integrate Snapshot X for onchain voting.