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Palmera: The aggregation layer for onchain organizations

Palmera is an orchestration tool for onchain organizations, streamlining the management of Safe multisigs, plugins, automations, and credentials all in one place. Its design expands Safe's capabilities through integrations with leading projects, a powerful fully customizable dashboard and the use of our specialized onchain module.

Security at the core

Palmera builds on the robust foundation of the Safe ecosystem, which prioritizes trustless, efficient, and secure fund management through multi-signature smart contract wallets, known as Safes. Unlike funds stored in single-key externally owned accounts (EOA), funds in Safes are protected by multiple private keys, offering enhanced security and collaborative management.
Battle-tested and responsible for securing over 50 billion USD in assets, the Safe ecosystem complements Palmera's mission to provide on-chain organizations with custom, flexible solutions without compromising security.

Visualization and Treasury Management

Palmera streamlines the visualization of multiple Safes, fostering the creation of compartmentalized governance structures within DAOs to support complex organizational needs. Our powerful, unified visualization tools provide intuitive treasury management and organizational insights.

Flexibility and Integration

Palmera's unique framework allows for seamless integration of popular and composable tools as plugins, embedded into a customizable dashboard that contextualizes an organization's operations. This approach ensures greater flexibility and adaptability to an organization's specific needs.

Access Control

The impending release of our on-chain module enhances the ability to configure Safe relationships within a single organization and establish various access rights, such as clawing back funds or executing transactions on behalf of others. By aligning with the Safe ecosystem, Palmera ensures the efficiency, flexibility, and security required for on-chain organizations to thrive.