In this section, you have the capability to manage permissions for Dashboard members, encompassing the addition of new members and the assignment of admin roles. Additionally, you can modify admin roles and remove members from your Dashboard as required.

Step 1: 'Add Member'

Click on the 'Add Member' button located at the top right side of the dashboard. This action will open a new window.

Step 2: Add New Member Address

Within the 'Add Member' window, you will encounter two fields and an option to select the member's role:

- Enter the member's name.

- Input the new member's address.

- Choose the desired role for the new member and click the 'Add Member' button.

Note: Member Roles

Admin: Has complete access and control over the Dashboard, enabling full management capabilities.

FinOps: Has access to all sections of the Dashboard but lacks the authority to add members or modify Dashboard settings.

Viewer: Has view-only access to all sections of the Dashboard and cannot make changes. Viewers may subscribe to any public Dashboard of a DAO or Organization.

Remember, you can always return to this section to adjust admin roles or remove members from your Dashboard as necessary.

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