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What can Palmera do?

Central Hub for Onchain Organizations

Palmera aims to be the primary platform for onchain organizations, unifying fragmented tools and offering an all-encompassing dashboard. This dashboard allows collaborative management, and administrators can fine-tune access with role-based permissions. We aim to consolidate visualization tools, integrations with composable tools as plugins, and onchain modules, creating a one-stop solution for onchain organizations.

Comprehensive Dashboard for Onchain Organizations

Palmera stands as a cornerstone for transparency and collaborative management for diverse onchain organizations. It provides a comprehensive view of treasury statuses, recent transactions, key metrics, and includes customizable sections for essential links, such as Discord. Designed with permissions-based customization. By supporting the aggregation of multiple onchain assets and metrics, the dashboard offers a cohesive experience that emphasizes transparency and strengthens trust in the organization.

Onchain Configurations & Flexible Governance Structures

Palmera facilitates the creation of tailored configurations and compartmentalized governance structures, a capability powered by our advanced onchain module. Serving a broad range of onchain organizations beyond just DAOs, we adapt to their distinctive needs, from decentralization and governance enhancement to specific security protocols. Palmera introduces functionalities like fund clawbacks by a main squad or setting transactional restrictions on members. An exemplary scenario might be a lead squad allotting resources to a subgroup, allowing them autonomy in expenditures without jeopardizing the entire organization's assets. Such compartmentalized setups enhance checks and balances, which are essential as onchain organizations grow in size and complexity. With Palmera, leadership can grant transaction permissions within defined scopes, bolstering decentralization and individual Safe autonomy while safeguarding the broader organization by dispersing authority across multiple Safes. This holistic approach is intuitive and actionable through Palmera's user-centric interface, ensuring quick, effortless implementations.