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Why did we create Palmera?

We believe that onchain organizations offer a new and valuable way to organize human intelligence without physical boundaries. Our mission is to empower onchan organizations and DAO communities around the world.

Fragmentation Challenge

The rapidly growing onchain ecosystem, while abundant in tools and platforms, presented a fragmented experience. Organizations faced challenges managing multiple tools, each designed for a specific task, without a unified interface. Palmera emerged as a solution to consolidate these diverse tools, offering them within a centralized hub for an efficient, streamlined experience.

The Need for Collaborative Management

As onchain organizations expanded in number and intricacy, the demand for interactive and collaborative platforms became clear. Relying on the conventional model of examining one safe at a time proved restrictive. Palmera's dashboard not only enables organizations to collaboratively oversee their assets but also offers comprehensive customization options. With role-based permissions, organizations can tailor the dashboard to fit their needs, allowing different members to have varying roles and access levels. This ensures both adaptability and heightened security for their operations.

Security and Community Self-Custody

Building on the foundational principles of the Safe ecosystem, we acknowledged the imperative nature of self-custody. As assets progressively decentralized, ensuring their security without third-party involvement became vital.

The Vision of Progressive Decentralization

The ethos of Web3 is decentralization. Palmera aims to make this transition smoother for organizations. We offer tools and resources to help projects progressively move towards a decentralized model, respecting their unique timelines and objectives.