🔔PUSH Notifications

At Palmera, our mission has always been to enrich the user journey while effortlessly merging the capabilities of decentralized applications with the comfort of conventional web platforms. With great excitement, we're rolling out our collaboration with Push Protocol (previously EPNS), a leading force in the web3 communications arena. This integration marks a transformative moment in how our platform connects with users.

Embedded within our all-encompassing dashboard toolkit, on-chain organizations, DAOs and users can now effortlessly stay updated with real-time notifications about vital transactions, anchored securely to their individual wallet addresses. Whether you're overseeing assets, keeping an eye on balances, or delving into the Safes interface, Push Protocol guarantees you're consistently updated, underscoring our dedication to clear, efficient, and forward-thinking treasury management. Embrace the power and versatility of Push Protocol's communication capabilities, now seamlessly incorporated into the Palmera ecosystem, setting new benchmarks for web3 interactions.

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