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To enhance the capabilities of treasury management for onchain organizations we have integrated Superfluid's protocol, specifically focusing on its "Money Streams" feature. This integration reflects our ongoing effort to equip our users with advanced, real-time financial tools. With Superfluid's "Money Streams", DAOs, organizations and users can set up continuous flows of digital assets, offering a more efficient approach to manage real-time payments, subscriptions, and other financial commitments without the need for periodic transactions.
Through our integration with Superfluid, Palmera enables organizations to seamlessly manage a continuous stream of assets from their Safes, all through our user-friendly dashboard. This synergy elevates the user experience by seamlessly incorporating Superfluid streams into the transaction overview, ensuring unparalleled clarity and precision for organizations.

You are in control

At Palmera, we prioritize the autonomy and security of our users. While our platform integrates seamlessly with technologies like Superfluid, it's crucial to understand that we never take custody of any organization's Safe multisigs. Instead, our role is to facilitate operations, ensuring that users can take advantage of advanced features while always remaining in full control and custody of their assets. With Palmera, the power and security always reside in the hands of the users, emphasizing our commitment to trust and decentralization.


From our dashboard, you can manage the process of wrapping and unwrapping Super tokens and send streams from any of your organization's Safes.
You can also conveniently find your stream history, and you can cancel or edit streams.