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Palmera's comprehensive dashboard provides users and organizations with a transparent window into their onchain activities, from balances and transactions to member roles and squad interactions. The true power of our dashboard lies in its customization capabilities:
  • Tailored Experiences: Users have the flexibility to craft a dashboard that mirrors their organizational goals and community needs. Collaboration is at its core, allowing facilitators and members to co-create the most fitting view.
  • Role-Based Permissions: Define and assign varied roles to dictate access to different dashboard features. This modular access ensures that the dashboard evolves in tandem with administrative or community objectives. Dive deeper into these roles in the dedicated dashboard roles section.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We prioritize simplicity without compromising on functionality. Our intuitive UI ensures that even those new to onchain organizations can quickly grasp and maximize their dashboard's potential. Further details on the user experience are elaborated in the subsequent sections.
  • Tools and Plugins Integration: At the heart of Palmera's dashboard are the versatile tools and plugins we've meticulously integrated or crafted. These utilities serve to streamline and enhance operations for onchain organizations. Whether it's seamlessly integrating with popular tools, introducing novel functionalities, or ensuring interoperability with other platforms, Palmera's toolbox is continually evolving to cater to the dynamic landscape of onchain operations.
  • Privacy & Discoverability Controls: Palmera acknowledges the diverse privacy needs of onchain organizations. Users can define their dashboard's visibility by toggling between public and private settings. Further, organizations can opt for discoverability controls, determining if they are searchable within Palmera's ecosystem. These configurations ensure both transparency for those seeking it and confidentiality for those who prioritize privacy.
  • Native and onchain Notifications: We have integrated Native OS notifications for both desktop and mobile into our platform. Organizations and users can effortlessly receive real-time notifications about essential transactions and updates tailored to their preferences. Whether managing assets, monitoring balances, or tracking onchain transactions, native OS notifications ensure you stay informed and connected. We also allow you to receive notifications using your wallet with our PUSH protocol integration.