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Onchain module


Understanding Squads in the Palmera Ecosystem

When a Safe is enhanced using Palmera's onchain module, it evolves into a 'Squad'. This term represents a foundational governance structure unique to the Palmera ecosystem. Squads allow compartmentalized governance across diverse layers, essentially fostering interactions between Safes, externally owned accounts (EOAs), and smart contracts within an onchain organization.

Governance structure

A governance structure is a framework that outlines how an organization is directed, managed, and held accountable. It specifies the rules and procedures for decision-making and the roles and responsibilities of the different members or squads within the organization. The purpose of a governance structure is to ensure that the organization is run in a transparent and accountable manner and that it achieves its goals and objectives effectively.
A governance structure distributes authority and rights among the different levels and members within the structure. In the diagram below, we show an example of a governance structure with different levels.

Onchain operations

Palmera facilitates the formation of custom configurations and squad compartmentalized governance structures within organizations. This helps organizers and collaborators create tailored and scalable models that can satisfy the specific needs and requirements of any organization. Whether they want to become more decentralized, create improved governance structures, or apply their own security standards, Palmera can power those changes seamlessly and effortlessly by providing the infrastructure needed to do so.
Palmera ensures organizations save development time and have a hassle free experience when creating these configurations. Through well-defined roles, our Module allows the creation of all kinds of compartmentalized governance structures, permissions, and relationships between squads with just a couple of clicks.

Compartmentalized governance structures

Palmera empowers organizations to create squads with different configurations. This enables organization operators to create new functionalities, such as clawing back the funds allocated by a parent squad or disabling a member from starting a transaction without permission from the parent squad. Through these configurations, facilitators can fund individual squads within the DAO to achieve different business and community objectives without compromising their funds.
For example, a root squad can allocate a set amount of funds to a marketing squad, allowing the marketing team on an organization to make spending decisions on behalf of the entire organization without having access to all of the funds in the treasury of the organization. Palmera enables a checks and balances system for organizations, which will be especially important as organizations grow in size.
With Palmera, core facilitators can enable other contributors to approve transactions within a delimited scope. Configuring multiple squads within a organization removes unnecessary bottlenecks and enables new ways to shape organizations. This gives individual squads more freedom, while ensuring greater security within the overall organization by compartmentalizing power among different safes.
To make all of these configurations smooth and easy, Palmera has designed an intuitive dashboard to execute these actions in a single click.
The onchain module is a tool that was created to allow organizations to scale their onchain operations, it consists of a group of smart contracts that add additional functionalities to the Safe ecosystem enabling the creation of custom and flexible squad governance structures. Below is an overview of some features offered within Palmera


This is a compartment within the onchain module that enables the creation of relationships between different entities such as safes, externally owned accounts (EOAs), and smart contracts.


Roles are administrative privileges given to squads and EOAs within the governance structure. organizations can use roles to grant contributors and squads the right level of access, or to limit access among safes who do not need as much to operate efficiently. This feature allows organizations to configure core member rights according to each level of responsibility those members will take on.
The onchain module also allows the addition of externally owned accounts (EOA) or other smart contracts to access the governance structure which increases the flexibility and the range of possible configurations even further.

Relationships among squads

Palmera's module allows organizations to create relationships among squads, safes, EOAs, and smart contracts. This enables the creation of a wide range of configurations that include:
  • Addition or removal of members inside subsquads
  • Execution of transactions on behalf of subsquads
  • Addition or removal of external safes, EOAs, and smart contracts to the governance structure of the organization

Allow and deny lists

This feature allows organizations to restrict or grant access to their governance structure, removing potentially dangerous actors or adding squads, EOAs, or smart contracts that meet or don't meet particular requirements. This is done through the onchain module by denying or permitting specific addresses to be added to an organization or squad.