Safe{Pass} app integrated into our dashboard, users can now earn and visualize points directly within Palmera. By creating and managing Safe accounts, and conducting transactions on Ethereum mainnet through Palmera or other Safe{Partners}, users can seamlessly earn points and visualize them on Palmera Dashboard.

How to Earn Points

Safe{Pass} rewards users for their active participation in the Safe Ecosystem. Here are the ways you can earn points:

  • Transaction Count: Earn points based on the number of transactions made with your Safe account.

  • Transaction Volume: Earn points for the USD volume of your transactions (minimum $100 weekly volume required).

  • Assets Stored: Earn points for the USD value of assets stored in your Safe account (minimum $1,000 in total assets required).

Points are awarded dynamically to ensure fairness and encourage genuine engagement. Regular activity and participation naturally lead to more points.

Locking SAFE Tokens for Boost

Enhance your point-earning potential by locking SAFE tokens. The boost depends on two components:

  1. Token Boost: The more SAFE tokens you lock, the higher your boost.

  2. Time Factor: Locking tokens earlier increases your boost potential.

After locking your SAFE tokens, there is a minimum lock-up period of 24 hours. You can withdraw your tokens after this period, and locking does not prevent participation in Safe{DAO} governance.

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