How to Add Context to the Transactions

Adding context to your transactions can enhance your treasury management.

To add context to your transactions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Transaction Section

Access the Transaction section from the left-side menu, separate from the 'Safes' section.

Step 2: Open a Transaction

On 'History' section at the top. Click on the transaction to which you want to add context. This will provide more details about the selected transaction.

By default, it will display all transactions from your Safes. You can view transactions from all or a specific Safe by selecting from the list at the top right corner. Filtering options are also available.

Step 3: Add Context

Press the โ€˜Add Contextโ€™ button. This opens a dialog with two fields:

Description Box: Write a detailed description of the transaction here.

Tag Box: Add relevant tags to categorize the transaction, such as 'DeFi position', 'Liquidity', 'Sponsorship payment', etc.

Note: This feature is optional, and descriptions can be edited later.

Note: Adding context is available only to Dashboard members with Admin or FinOps rights.

For viewers, an 'Add First Comment' button allows them to ask questions or add comments to any transaction, fostering greater trust within your community.

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