dApps powered by Safe

Introduction to Safe Apps in Palmera

Safe Apps are web applications that run within the Safe integrated into the Palmera Dashboard. These apps leverage the Safe Apps SDK to interact seamlessly with Safe, although they are not owned, controlled, maintained, or audited by Safe or Palmera.

Explore a variety of supported dApps and enjoy seamless, all-in-one interactions directly using your Safes. You can navigate to the Tools section and interact with our supported Safe Apps on the Palmera Dashboard.

Safe Apps in Palmera include:

  • Safe{Pass}

  • Transaction Builder

  • Zodiac

  • Aave

  • CSV Airdrop

  • Drain Account

  • Lido Staking

  • Curve

  • UniSwap

  • CowSwap

  • Balancer

  • Rango Exchange

If there are other dApps you would like us to support, please contact us.

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